8010y6 ZERO


The latest version of BOX San Sebastian iconic 8010y6 has been a return to its origin, we have started from zero in its 40th Anniversary. We simulate the furled image of 8010y6, the most chosen by its already four generation of women which wear it since 1980.

When it’s size is concerned, we go to the opposite concept of its initial version designing a ultra miniature accessory to complete the most sophisticated looks.

Its two braided straps and shoulder strap totally removable allows to each woman to adapt it to their style,, therefore is also apt for the most casual, sport or atrevido looks.

*Con la compra de este artículo colaboras en la investigación y conservación del planeta a través de nuestro compromiso de mecenazgo con Aranzadi Zientzia Elkartea y Surfrider mediante nuestro proyecto ONDAS.


Material: bovine leather.

100% Made in Spain.

Zipped closure.

Ondas lining, Econyl® regenerated nylon.

2 removable braided strap and shoulder strap.

Metallic pieces in polished nickel finish.