Sustainable Tote bag Ondas personalized as a gift
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Inspired in origami and designed in 1970, this reduced purse is fascinating in its simplicity and modernity.

From the Calidoscopio Collection, this piece is crafted with exquisite lamb napa leather outside and with a sturdy, laminated, ironed and finally embossed calf leather inside.

The design, based on two sewn leather rectangles with some studied cuts, laminated interiors
and skin folds, finally gets folded and become a closed square to keep the coins.

  • Outside material : Lamb leather
  • Inside material: embossed calf leather
  • Measures: 8 ,5 x 7.5 cm.
  • Weight: 20 gr.
  • 100% Made in Spain
  • Safety closing by leather folds.
  • Coins collector lined with leather for durability
  • Mini pocket for pill, key, ticket, etc
  • BOX embossed logo.