At BOX San Sebastián we look for practical and innovative solutions: CITY PACK, set up with Organic City Mask and City Gel.

ORGANIC CITY MASK, the hygienic, sustainable and reusable mask made with 100% organic cotton and great breathability, highest protection and comfort. This fabric, certified by OEKO-TEX ®, has an efficiency greater than 94% in filtration of aerosols and particles that preserves its characteristics up to 110 machine-washes. We evolve San Sebastian skyline designed in City Mask, now drawing it in a frontal thin line of the mask in black or dark brown. It is a multi-position reusable mask, designed to loose the strain in the ears with two latex free soft rubber bands and a head adjustable extension for also hang it from the neck when is not being used.

CITY GEL is an hydroalcoholic protector developed for BOX San Sebastian in 30ml. doses., rechargeable and eternally reusable. This accessory has been designed for people who look for the comfortability day a day with a touch of style thanks to the exclusive leather case to carry the hydroalcoholic gel always close to us. The design charm of the case, has a delicate strip for making it pendant: from the neck as a necklace, hanged from our handbag or document wallet, as a thin belt or even crossbody.

*Con la compra de este artículo colaboras en la investigación y conservación del planeta a través de nuestro compromiso de mecenazgo con Aranzadi Zientzia Elkartea y Surfrider mediante nuestro proyecto ONDAS.


Hygienic mask made of 100% organic cotton.

Protects the planet, our mask is reusable and 110 times machine washable up to 60ºC.

Efficiency greater than 94% in filtration of aerosols and particles.

Resistant to dry and wet microbacterial penetration.

High breathability.

No odors are gave off and is Rosin free.

Takes care of the skin and no fluff is gave off.

Fabric certified by OEKO-TEX ®.

Fabric tested by ITEL according to UNE-EN14683 and UNE-EN-0065-20-20.

Complies with the European directive for medical devices.

Multi-position with soft latex free rubber band.

30ml hydroalcoholic gel with glycerin and eternally refillable.

Pendant leather case.

Black vanity case ONDAS made of 100% regenerated nylon Econyl®.