Sustainable Tote bag Ondas personalized as a gift
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Paracaídas ONDAS

During some maneuvers when he was doing military service in 1977, Gerardo González, current creative director of “BOX San Sebastián”, observed a parachuting exercise amazed.

That exhibition allowed him to imagine the idea of making a soft and hollow leather handbag, with the shape that would remember those parachutes that he had stared at for the first time and that had so impressed him.

On the next rest permission, he transmitted that enthusiastic idea to her mother, who splendidly approached the ideas in design for the new bags that the brand was projecting, in a disruptive era of change in the world of handbags.

Pepita masterfully and easily performed that bundle, remembering the shape of an inverted parachute, which her son had transmitted her with such passion.

  • Handle drop 23cts.
  • Weight: 545gr.
  • 100% Made in Spain.
  • No-shape structured, inspired on a parachute.
  • Removable inner pocket with carabiner.
  • Econyl 100% regenerated nylon lining.
  • Metal pieces in polished nickel finish.