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  • 1948The Beginnings

    During 1948, in post-war San Sebastian, Manuel Gonzalez took his first steps in the world of leather. He decided to step out on his own after 8 years as a leather craftsman.

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  • 1950A Great Success

    In 1950, due to the great success of the luggage he had been making, he moved to larger premises in Calle Fuenterrabía.

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  • 1965January 2nd. An Important Date

    2 January 1965 was a key date in the business of both.The company entered a new phase after moving to larger premises, situated at 12, Calle San Martín, where they increased their product range. They also officially registered the name BOX as a trademark, in honour, among other things, of the legendary quality of bovine leather tanning they had used through the years: the famous BOXCALF.

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  • 1975Design and Quality

    From the mid-70s, the brand began to concentrate more on design, quality and good service, in the search for its own identity.

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  • 1977Symbols of San Sebastián: the metal handle

    BOX wants its history to be irrevocably linked to that of San Sebastian. Thus, symbols of the city have been gradually incorporated into the brand image since the late 70s.

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  • 19808010Y6 An Iconic Bag

    in 1980 it had designed the 80-16 three-position bag which, over time, would become an iconic bag with updates each new season to keep it fashionable.

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  • 1989Textil Jacquard BOX San Sebastián Lining

    In 1989, BOX San Sebastián wanted to reflect the colour of the sand of the famous San Sebastian beaches.

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  • 1991Involvement with ELK

    Its main involvement was established in the period 1991 - 1995 when Gerardo Gonzalez, current BOX San Sebastián Creative Director, designed and coordinated the handbags and leather goods for Enrique Loewe Knappe.

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  • 2000A Double Stirrup

    At the beginning of this century, BOX San Sebastián decided to strengthen its brand image. To do so, a new symbol was designed: a double stirrup, placed opposite each other, to form the letter O of the BOX San Sebastián brand name.

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  • 2007Growth

    2007 was the year BOX San Sebastián chose to increase its range of goods in the Peñaflorida shop, no. 10. In addition to the handbags, leather and travel goods recognised for years, it introduced clothing, gloves, jewellery and adornments, comprising an elegant and distinguished atmosphere of 100% leather.

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  • InternacionalizaciónInternational Market

    In 2012 "BOX San Sebastian" decides to tackle the international market and directs his steps with conviction to Japan.

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  • 2014WEBSITE 2.0

    Continuing on the path of innovation, taking advantage of new technologies and projecting gain competitiveness and service to its customers, in 2014, "BOX San Sebastian" has designed a new website and ecommerce.

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